Our solar window film has been manufactured to ensure optimum performance and would provide you with a more comfortable and temperature-stable environment whilst ensuring rooms do not feel dark or cold.

Natural light adds both energy and ambiance to any indoor environment, however natural sunlight can result in heat building throughout the day which can affect everyone’s comfort and in some cases make rooms unusable. N1 Visual Solutions can provide you with high quality solar window film which can reject up to 79% of solar energy, filter out 99% of UV Rays and reduce glare by up to 94%.

At N1 Visual Solutions, we understand that businesses of all sizes want to ensure minimal expenses whilst maintaining productivity. With Solar Protection Film installed in your business premises, you can save significantly on energy costs, reduce interior fading and maintain a more moderate temperature ensuring a comfortable and productive environment. As a long-term solution, the benefits of our long-lasting window films will keep coming year after year.

Benefits of installing Solar window film to your building:

 Fade Protection
N1 Visual Solutions solar window films reject solar heat and block over 99% of harmful light - protecting your valuable assets and interior furnishings from expansive sun damage.

 Energy Efficiency
With proven heat-rejection properties, our window films help your premises keep interior temperatures more controllable and stable therefore reducing energy consumption.

 Solar Protection
Our solar window films filter our 99% of UV rays and reject up to 79% of solar energy –this will ensure greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain.

 Glare Reduction
Glare from the sun can be a problem all year round which can cause both visibility and comfort issues. Our solar window films all have anti-glare properties, rejecting up to 100% of glare.

N1 Visual Solutions have fully trained window film installers who will professionally fit the solar window film to the inside of your existing windows. We have specialist access equipment for those hard to reach areas and there is no need for your windows to be removed as solar window film can be applied whilst the windows are in situ.

There are a wide range a window films to choose from, many are optically clear and are effectively undetectable inside or out. Others provide reflectivity or a tint that increases privacy and enhances the look of your building. All window films are low maintenance and require cleaning windows as you normally would.

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