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Window Frosting

Window frosting is a technique used to create privacy and add a stylish touch to windows. It involves applying a film or vinyl to the glass surface, which gives it a frosted or etched appearance. This effect allows natural light to pass through while obscuring the view from both sides of the window.

Frosted film can be cut into various patterns, shapes, or even customized designs, allowing you to personalize your windows and add a unique touch to your space. It can create a modern, minimalist look or incorporate intricate patterns and branding elements that align with your company's identity.

With our experience designing and fitting frosted vinyl, we can ensure a top quality fit that you’ll be proud of.

Office Glass wall with logo CAD Cut frosting featuring printed frosted clouds fitting within the custom design

NoBlue Office Space

CAD Cut Logo Frosting with added Printed Frosted Purple Clouds

IT educational space with frosting strip on exterior window to decrease external distractions and increase privacy.

Confetti IT Suite Frosted Windows

Window Frosting Fitted to Decrease External Distraction while Increasing Privacy

Two internal office windows covered in frosting with the ASL logo CAD cut from it.

ASL Internal Frosting

CAD Cut Logo Frosting Applied to Internal Office Window