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Window Manifestations

Window manifestations are often necessary to comply with building regulations. They help prevent accidents by making glass more visible, especially in large windows or doors. The regulations specify the minimum size and placement of manifestations to ensure visibility and safety.

Just because there are regulations around window manifestations doesn’t mean they can’t be a fun addition to your space. They can be used to add a touch of branding to your windows or can make use of larger artwork to add more character to your business. Alternatively, frosted vinyl can be used to fit the regulations which can give a more professional look while also creating more privacy. This is especially useful for offices, meeting rooms, or areas where privacy is important.

With our knowledge of regulations, design service and high-quality installation N1 is the go-to for window graphics and manifestations.

PC World Door Manifestations

PC World Automatic Doors

Legal Glass Manifestations

Confetti X main entrance is made up of full glass doors and full length glass windows. This area has UV solar film, window graphics and any other windows have the legal requirements for window manifestations.

Confetti X Main Entrance

This entrance makes use of UV Film, Window Graphics and Window manifestations.

The image shows a row of windows. There is lettering across the middle of the windows saying protein shakes, plant based options and protein donuts. This is an example of fitting the legal manifestations requirement but enhancing the design to fit the brand.

Clean Cut Kitchen Window Manifestations

CAD Cut Custom Design Window Manifestations